Basic Accounting Concepts – Module III

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
In continuation to the Basic Account- ing Concepts Modules I and II, this course enables participants to learn and understand the preparation of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

Who would benefit:
Anyone in an organization especially those working in accounting functions

Financial statements overview
Preparing Income Statement
Categories of Income Statement
Understanding the Balance Sheet
Fixed Assets and Balance Sheet
Liabilities – Their recording into Balance Sheet
Understanding Stockholder’s Equity
Retained Earnings

Advanced Purchasing, Supply & Cost Effectiveness

Duration: 5 days
Course description:
This course is designed to help the participants understand how effective use of a purchasing & supply management systems, can give their organizations the best services and regular supply of what they need and want. It discusses business to business buying and the selection of preferred suppliers.

Who would benefit:
Personnel involved in purchasing

Organizational needs and the changing role and technology
Responsibilities in the role of purchasing and supply
Supplier expectations
Review of department functions,methods and systems
Department turnovers
Cost effective decisions
Quality & quantity decisions

Tele Account Management

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
Managing Accounts over the telephone is a relatively new branch of the sales function but one that is proving to be highly cost effective and extremely efficient in managing accounts whilst upselling and cross selling services and products.

Who would benefit:
Personnel involved in Tele Account management

Customer expectations
Account management
Consultative approach
Customer engagement
Solution selling
Power questions
Making an impact
Mirroring and matching

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