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  • Location: Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel
  • Speakers: Telecom Mini MBA,

Course Description:

The Telecom Mini-MBA Program offers an overview of the key concepts, tools, and techniques that are required to succeed in today’s challenging business environment. The program features focused learning experiences and case studies centered on vital subject areas in the business world.

By mind mapping and discussing the case studies, managers will learn how organizational units interact to support corporate strategy and the different ways business can adapt to constant change. A team of faculties have condensed the fundamental leadership basics learned in the traditional MBA into a one week course.

Who will Benefit:

Telecom Mini MBA is designed for senior managers, middle managers, Mid-level telecommunications managers acquiring in-depth knowledge in all aspects of the global telecommunications business, technology, leadership, and management.

Prerequisites: This program is designed for experienced or high potential managers who are seeking a stronger foundation in current business theory and practice, or managers who have experience in one area and want exposure to other areas to qualify for positions of increased responsibility.

Technical Level:

Mode of Delivery:

Instructor led seminars presenting theory and practice including hands-on exercises. Visual aids and appropriate technology will be applied to create an effective learning experience.


• Global Telecom Business and Technologies
• Leveraging leadership, strategies and business planning, technology and business alignment, regulation and competition, organizational structures, operations, marketing, customer care and systems to achieve business objectives
• Managing people effectively to maximize organization performance
• Professional development
• Developing and implementing strategic and financial decisions in both normal and turbulent economic conditions
• Developing business and product strategies that create ongoing competitive advantage
• Applying finance and cost accounting techniques to support decision making
• Formulating a comprehensive marketing plan

Global Telecom Business and Technologies
• Overview of Telecom Services and Networks
• Overview of Wireless and Wireline Networks and Services
• HSPA/HSPA+, LTE and LTE-Advanced
• IP Multimedia Sybsystem (IMS)
• Voice over LTE (VoLTE)
• Self Optimizing Networks (SON)
• Products and Services for Consumer and Businesses
• Global Market Evolution and Trends
• Regulation and Interconnect
• Tariffs and Rating
• Revenue Assurance and Fraud
• Telecom Sales and Marketing
• Operations Management and Business Streamlining
• Telecom Product Management
• Telecom Technology Evolution
Strategic Management
• The Basic Functions of Management
• The Global Environment of Business
• Business Strategy
• Corporate Strategy
• Sustainability
• International Business
• Excellence in Leadership
• Leadership and Communication
• Behavioral science perspective of organizations
• Empowering an organization
• Motivation Leadership Strategies
• Organizational Planning and Growth Strategies
• Managing Strategic Transformations
• Global Financial Markets
• Corporate Finance and Financial Strategy
• Overview of Economic Expansions and Recessions
• Definition of An Economic Expansion
• Attributes of Recessions
• Predictors of a Recession
• Responding to a Recession
• Strategies for moving an economy out of a recession
• Deficit Spending by the Government to Spark Economic Growth
• Supply-Side Economists and Tax Cuts
• To Promote Business Capital Investment
Financial Accounting
• Overview of Terms
• Cost Analysis and Profit Planning
• Process, value chain, and cost structure linkages
• Corporate Governance
• Sarbanes-Oxley Act
• The Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT)
• Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO)
Marketing and Brand Management
• Value cycle
• Value proposition and marketing strategy
• Value delivery
• Customer acquisition and retention
• Importance of Brand
• Market Segmentation
• Internet Marketing and E-Commerce
• Pricing Strategies
• Product Management
Operations, Process and Business Operations
• Reducing OPEX
• Improving EBITA Margin
• Operations Management
• Strategic Supply Management
• Lean Six Sigma
• Business Management
• Reducing costs, increasing speed and improving quality and service
• Process improvement principles
• Successful techniques for continuous improvement
Sales and Negotiation
• Sales
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Negotiations
• Conflict management
• Win-win negotiations
• Strategic Initiatives in Competitive Markets
Technology and Information Technology (IT)
• Technology Reviews
• Computing and Information Technology (IT)
• IT Project Planning and Management
• Managing Information Assets and Technology
Strategic Human Resources (HR)
• Building Relationships
• Coaching
• Leading Teams
• Facilitating Change
• Leveraging Workplace Diversity
• Ethical Decision
• Business Ethics
• Ethical Leadership Defined
• Tools for Ethical Analysis
• Leading and Managing Ethical Organizations
• Business Ethics across Cultural and Legal Boundaries
Business Law
• Global Policy Analysis
• Regulation and Legislation
• Regulatory and Ethical Environment of Business