GPON OSP Installation & Testing

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
Triple play services package based on GPON technology is becoming the most popular service being promoted by telecommunication service providers. This course will provide the necessary knowledge and practice in fiber laying, termination, installation and testing of outside plant components and customer premises equipment used for GPON-FTTH technology.

Who would benefit:
Personnel involved in installation and testing of OSP and CPE for GPON

Fibre optic cables
Splicing and termination
Types of ODFs & FDHs
Network terminals
Outside Plant (OSP) installation
GPON test equipment

GPON OSP Maintenance

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
With fiber in the local loop new challenges emerge for service delivery, with customers demanding the highest level of service available. This means that the engineers and technicians must be familiar with the technology being deployed and have hands-on experience & skills in maintaining & troubleshooting the FTTH/GPON OSP network & installed Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

Who would benefit:
Personnel involved in maintaining OSP, CPE for GPON

GPON network overview
Assessing OSP ODN & CPE faults
Test equipment
Testing & troubleshooting in OSP network
Reconfiguring GPON OSP equipment

FTTH Installation and Termination

Duration: 5 days
Course description:
The FTTH technology being deployed today is Passive Optical Network technology or (PON) in short. FTTH is widely recognized as the optimal solution for providing broadband to the community. This course is designed to provide both the knowledge base and required practical skills on how to lay, terminate, and install FTTH network components to the required level of quality and service provisioning.

Who would benefit:
FTTH network supervisors, installers and maintenance technicians

FTTx overview
Health & safety
Installation standards and procedures
Fibre optics
Network terminals
OSP installation
Structure cabling
Customer premises installation

Optical Fiber Splicing and Termination

Duration: 5 days
Course description:
Field installation of optical fiber cables can be challenging even under the best circumstances. Technicians really need fibers that are simple to prepare for splicing and that can be easily and accurately spliced together without remakes, and with long-term reliability. This course covers all practical aspects involved in optical fiber splicing and termination.

Who would benefit:
Technicians involved in optical fiber work

Fiber optics overview
Type of cables
Cable preparation
Equipment usage and field maintenance
ODF preparation and termination

Mass Fusion Optical Fiber Splicing Techniques

Duration: 4 days
Course description:
Ribbon cables enable a smaller footprint in splice closures and telecommunications room fiber management. They offer greater packing density in higher fiber counts, which enables more efficient use of limited duct space. They are typically very cost competitive in counts of above 100 fibers. Technicians need to be highly competent to work with ribbon fiber cables as the tools and equipment are deferent from single fibers. This course will increase the participant’s competences to perform faster and quality work.

Who would benefit:
Technicians involved in optical fiber work

Mass fusion Overview
Ribbon cables
Fusion Splicing Technique
Preparation of ribbon cable
Mass fusion
Optical fiber closures
Fusion Splicer maintenance

Optical Fiber Network Testing and Maintenance

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
This course covers maintenance, troubleshooting and emergency restoration of a fiber optic network in an outside plant environment. It will also provide the safe and fast fault finding, restoration procedures and practices, and testing with minimum downtime.

Who would benefit:
Technicians involved in optical fiber work

Optical fiber networks overview
Safety on Optical Fibers
Tracing Cable routes
Testing and identifying faults
Testing network components
Emergency restoration methods