Duration: 3 days

Course Description:

Optical fiber’s huge potentials still remains to be fully harnessed. To this effect the optical networking marketplace is poised to grow. This course provides participants with the knowledge of the optical networking marketplace, corollary technologies, solutions and applications. Topics covered include a detailed analysis of fiber types (step-index & graded-index), fiber modes (single & multi-mode), fiber fabrication, loss mechanisms, light-emission processes in semiconductors, light-emitting diodes, laser diodes, modulation response, source-fiber coupling, photodetectors, receivers, receiver noise and sensitivity, system design, power budget and rise-time budget, fiber-optic networks (FDDI, SDH), wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM, WDM, DWDM).


Who will Benefit:
New entrants, current and aspiring technical personnel, including IT staff, corporate decision makers, consultants and students will find this course valuable. It is especially useful for engineers involved in telecommunications design as well as those involved in installation and testing fiber optics.


A general understanding of telecommunications is desirable.

Technical Level:


Mode of Delivery:

Instructor led classes, multi-media simulations, demonstrations, videos and tutorial exercise.

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