Durations: 3 days
Course Description:

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), developed by ETSI is a de facto 2G global standard for mobile communications, still commanding a significant bulk of the global cellular market. The GSM standard was developed as a replacement for 1G analog cellular networks. This was expanded over time to include data communications, first by circuit-switched transport, then packet data transport via GPRS and EDGE. This course provides participants with an understanding of end-to-end GSM, GPRS and EDGE architecture, protocols and procedures.


Who will Benefit:

New entrants, current and aspiring RF professionals, including IT staff, corporate decision makers, consultants and students will find this course valuable.


Should have a basic understanding of radio and data concepts

Technical Level:


Mode of Delivery:

Instructor led classes, multi-media simulations, demonstrations and tutorial exercises


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