Duration: 3 days
Course Description:
This course lays out the principles of GSM signaling, providing a detailed understanding of each layer of the protocol stack at each GSM network interface, GSM network structure, operational practicalities and protocols are detailed. It begins by reviewing GSM network architecture, and proceeds to the signaling aspects on the radio interface, the base station system interfaces, and to the core network which provides SS7 signal processing. Practical case studies are interspersed throughout the program, wherein participants will learn to interpret signaling traces captured at each of the GSM network interfaces. This course is an advanced system techniques training in GSM, and provides participants with a thorough knowledge of GSM network protocols and system messages transmitted.


Who will Benefit: Technical personnel involved in the Planning, Operation and Maintenance of GSM Networks
Prerequisites: Must have attended Understanding GSM, GPRS and EDGE System Survey course and have some understanding of data fundamentals
Technical Level:


Mode of Delivery:
Instructor led classes, multi-media simulations, signal trace analysis and interpretations, system information captures using TEMS and tutorial exercise.

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