Durations: 2 days
Course Description:
Evolved HSPA (also known as HSPA+) is a Rel. 7 enhancement to 3GPP Rel. 5 and Rel. 6 HSDPA and HSUPA specifications. This standard allows bit-rates to reach as high as 168 Mbit/s in the downlink and 22 Mbit/s in the uplink. This course provides participants with a detailed exposition of the 3GPP Rel7 enhancements (HSPA+ features) that increase throughput, reduce latency, conserve power and reduce signaling overhead. Signaling mechanisms, state-transitions and mobility procedures are presented and performance, coverage, implementation and integration issues discussed. In addition, the use of HSPA/HSPA+ for real-time services such as VoIP is discussed.


Who will Benefit: Engineers, technicians, radio planners, equipment designers and 3G application developers
Prerequisites: Have good understanding of the R99 WCDMA and HSPA radio interface or have attended the 3G Fundamentals training

Technical Level:


Mode of Delivery: Instructor led classes, multi-media simulations, demonstrations, videos and tutorial exercise.

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