Duration: 4 days

Course Description:

This course focuses on the HSPA and HSPA+ air interface optimization. Features discussed include MIMO, downlink 64-QAM and uplink 16-QAM, MIMO with 64-QAM, Dual Cell HSDPA, Layer 2 changes, Continuous Packet Connectivity (CPC) and enhanced UE DRX, enhanced RRC states, enhanced F-DPCH, HSPA Enhanced Serving Cell change, CS Voice over HS and Fast Dormancy. 64 QAM and MIMO deployment, test plans and key performance metrics are detailed. The optimization methodology employed in the class will use log files and software tools.


Who will Benefit:

Engineering personnel working on network design, planning, optimization, deployment & operations of UMTS networks.


Prior experience in HSPA networks or should have attended the course ‘HSPA/HSPA+: Architecture and Protocols’.

Technical Level:


Mode of Delivery:

Instructor led classes, simulations using RF tool, tutorial exercise and case study.

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