IMS Architecture, Services and Protocols

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is an architectural framework introduced first in the 3GPP Release 5, with incremental functionalities added in later releases. This course provides a concise picture of IMS covering architectural design, functionalities, key protocols, signal flow, security, charging and applications.

Who would benefit:
Staff working in Technical disciplines and interested in acquiring knowledge of the architecture, operation and implementation of IMS

Standards bodies
IMS Architecture
SIP Architecture
IMS Call Flow Procedures
Security and Charging


Duration: 3 days
Course description:
SIGTRAN (Signaling Transport), defined by the IETF makes it possible to transport SS7 signaling traffic over IP networks. This course provides knowledge of SS7oIP architecture, protocols as well as a background into the next generation telephony architecture.

Who would benefit:
Telecom engineers and network architects involved in the design and testing of SIGTAN and those involved in the development and deployment of IP based NGN

NGN network components
IP multimedia subsystem (IMS)
NGN Services
MTP Level 2 User Adaptation (M2UA)
MTP Level 3 User Adaptation (M3UA)
SCCP User Adaptation (SUA)
MTP Level 2 Peer Adaptation (M2PA)
SS7 and SIP/H.324 Interworking
SIP components (servers and clients)
SIP servers: proxy, redirect, registrar
SIP location servers, gateways

Mobile IN Services: CAMEL

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
CAMEL (Customized Application for Mobile Enhanced Logic) allows for the implementation of carrier-grade, value added services such as unified messaging, prepaid, fraud control and free phone for both mobile networks. This course covers the concepts and technologies associated with the capabilities of CAMEL.

Who would benefit:
Engineering staff involved in provisioning IN services, IREG staff, IT staff, corporate decision makers and consultants

Issues in mobile networking
Network Architecture
CAMEL: The Mobile IN Platform
CAMEL Protocols
CAMEL and Pre-Paid
Evolving Mobile Network Services
The Virtual Home Environment (VHE)

Next Generation Networks (NGN)

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
The next-generation network (NGN) introduces new paradigms to the telecom core, access and transport network architecture. This course provides participants the details of NGN architecture, service offerings and protocols.

Who would benefit:
Technical staff interested in understanding the next generation networks topics, architectures and implementation issues

NGN Concepts
NGN Protocols-1
MEGACO Protocol
NGN Protocols-2
SIP components (servers and clients)
SIP servers: proxy, redirect, registrar,
NGN Protocols -3
SCTP – Stream Control Transport Protocol

Next Generation Transmission Networks

Duration: 5 days
Course description:
The NG transmission networks provides a high speed QoS aware packet connectivity, meeting the demands of 4G traffic and triple play payload delivery. This course profiles a detailed analysis of the architecture and protocols of NG transmission options – L2 VPNs, NG SDH, Carrier Ethernet MPLS genres, NG Optical Networks and Psuedowires

Who would benefit:
Engineers and Technicians involved in the design, planning, deployment, Operations and Maintenance of transmission systems including mobile backhaul.

Evolution of transmission networks
Virtual Circuits
Carrier Ethernet (CE)
Next Generation SDH
Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM)
Optical Transport Network (OTN)
MPLS in Optical Networks
Pseudo Wires

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