Managing Effective Meetings for Commitment & Results

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
This course aims to assist in dealing with those aspects that inhibit the effectiveness of meetings and emphasise the best practices that make meetings successful. It combines team initiatives and group discussions with relevant theory and facilitation principles to make a rich and engaging learning environment that will guide participants to improve their facilitation and meeting skills.

Who would benefit:
Managers, team leaders, supervisors and concerned secretarial or personal assistance personnel

Facilitator skills checklist
Establishing effective norms
Kinds of meetings
Key roles of a meeting facilitator
Meeting management tools
The agenda and time restrictions
Experiential learning cycle
Using team initiatives

The Professional Supervisor

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
In any business environment, a supervisor has to define the scope, nature and responsibility of the supervision role and the challenges this role places on them. Hence, it is of utmost importance for supervisors and team leaders to understand the concepts of super- vision, develop a team, motivate their staff and have creative problem solving techniques. This course is designed with just the right supervisory skills.

Who would benefit:
Team leaders, supervisors and managers

Essential supervisory skills
Setting and cascading goals
Delegation as an effective tool
Motivating and developing subordinates
Effective delegation process
Addressing the psychological factors and overcoming obstacles to delegation
Delegation as a development process

Managing Outsourced Contract Proposals

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
This course provides a set of practical tools and techniques designed to get you up to speed quickly on outsourcing contract issues. This is “reallife” information, directly from the trenches and facilitated by instructors who have successfully managed long-term, multimillion dollar outsourcing contracts

Who would benefit:
Project teams, managers and procurement personnel

Handling the change process
Removing the emotion
Avoiding unrealistic demands
Understanding the contractor mindset
The balancing act of work allocation
Measures of accomplishment
Developing value creating out sourcing relationships
Maintaining quality
Financial management and invoice checking

Supply Chain Management & Business Competitive Advantage

Duration: 5 days
Course description:
All major ERP companies are now offering supply chain solutions as a major extended feature of their ERP packages. The course will show the integrated approach to planning, acquisition, flow, and distribution, from raw materials to finished products.

Who would benefit:
All personnel involved in the supply chain or in procurement

Essentials of purchasing
The Supply Chain process
Management essentials
Budgeting essentials
The Procurement process
Supplier contracting
Persuasive communication
Negotiating strategies
Price and cost analysis

Knowledge Management

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
This course aims to qualify participants as infor- mation and knowledge professionals in diverse and contemporary environments. It is designed to equip them with the relevant skills for professional practice in all knowledge and information management agencies. The sessions emphasize the management and use of digital information for a diverse society and an organizations competitive advantage in the effective use of the modern tools.

Who would benefit:
Support professionals and project managers.

Overview of knowledge management
The nature of knowledge
Preserving and applying human expertise: Knowledge-based systems
Looking forward
What to expect: The future of knowledge management

Successful Product Management

Duration: 5 days
Course description:
This course will focus on strategy, product portfolio planning, key tasks of a product manager, understanding critical reports and how to calculate break-even sales formulas. This will all then be put to- gether using a case study on product marketing plan development to enable participants to prepare a marketing plan

Who would benefit:
Product managers and anyone in product management.

Corporate strategy
Product strategy case
Pricing strategy
Product portfolio planning
Market research
Customer focused design
Product design
Test marketing