Durations: 3 days

Course Description:

The new market conditions, driven by the trend toward IP-based and broadband mobile networks, require the packet microwave solution. Packet microwave replaces TDM based microwave networks, providing network scalability and lower operational costs. It has evolved a set of features that take advantage of the packetized nature of Ethernet/IP traffic to make maximum use of the available licensed spectrum. This course provides technical details of packet microwave systems, and addresses how packet microwave can be leveraged by operators, while addressing concerns such as support for TDM traffic, synchronization, carrier grade services, and availability. It will also cover pseudo-wire support and hybrid microwave systems.


Who will Benefit:

Technical Staff involved in Microwave Radio System Planning, Deployment and Maintenance


Should have a background working in radio systems or have attended the RF Crash Course.

Technical Level:


Mode of Delivery:

Instructor led classes, demonstrations, multi-media simulations, and tutorial exercise.

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