TETRA System Survey

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
This course provides a survey of the Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) market, frequency bands, technology features, network components, interfaces, services capabilities and operational modes. It also details the air interface, transmission and switching infrastructure and inter-operability aspects.

Who would benefit:
Telecom engineering personnel involved in TETRA System Design, Operation and Maintenance

PMR requirements
TETRA capabilities
TETRA Radio Interface
Trunked Mode Operation
Direct Mode Operaion
Managed DMO (M-DMO)

TETRA Advanced: System Techniques

Duration: 4 days
Course description:
TETRA Advanced is designed to provide a more in-depth knowledge of the TETRA air interface’s, especially the protocol stack architecture and radio aspects, operations, as well as issues relevant to the TEDS, TETRA security (both DMO and TMO) network planning, coverage predictions and capacity dimensioning.

Who would benefit:
Telecom engineering personnel responsible for the planning, design, management or support of TETRA or other PMR systems.

SwMI topology
TETRA System Architecture
TETRA Air Interface dimensioning
TETRA Air Interface
Network Service
Security mechanisms: authentication,
encryption and OTAR

TETRA Security

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
TETRA contains a wealth of security functions designed to protect users’ speech and data traffic and also other information that relates to the identities and operations of the users themselves. This course provides a comprehensive coverage of security mechanisms in TETRA and the various services that are delivered using them.

Who would benefit:
Telecom engineering personnel responsible for the planning, design, management or support of TETRA or other PMR systems.

TETRA overview
Network Security
Encryption Fundamentals
TETRA Air Interface Encryption
Tetra End-to-End Encryption
Tetra End-to-End Key Management
Tetra End to end encrypted data and SDS
Practical considerations
Air interface vs. end to end encryption

TETRA LTE Radio System

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
PMR operators have an objective of enhancing Mobile Broadband solutions for users of Mission Critical applications. The course covers the latest Release 12 of the 3GPP LTE standards that will enhance LTE to meet public safety application requirements and provide features including Proximity Services and Group Call.

Who would benefit:
Public Safety systems Users, operators, regulators, decision makers, project managers, engineers.

Public Safety TETRA and LTE Markets
Architecture & Interfaces
Frequency Bands & Available Spectrum
Overview LTE Technology
Enhanced Multi-media Broadcast Multicast Service
LTE Public Safety Requirements and Architecture
LTE Public Safety Radio Functions
Standardization & Organizations
Outlook of Future Public Safety in LTE Release 13