LTE Optimization

Duration: 5 days
Course description:
LTE networks must be optimized during and after project implementation to meet the customers’ requirement for a high quality network. This course provides an understanding of LTE RF optimization process, procedures and parameters.

Who would benefit:
RF Engineering Staff working on LTE networks or who intend to work in the areas of planning and optimization of LTE networks.

RF Optimization Process
Measurement and Optimization Tools
Optimization Objects
Parameters Tuning
Throughputs Optimization
Role of SON in Optimization
SON features SON in LTE

4G LTE Mobile Backhaul Planning

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
LTE Mobile Backhaul dimensioning requires a combined perspective of both mobile and transport network technologies. This course covers LTE cell traffic and transport network selection. Case studies are included in Link, Hardware and Synchronization Dimensioning.

Who would benefit:
Engineering professionals involved in the planning, deployment, O&M of fixed and mobile backhaul networks.

EPS overview
LTE Air Interface
Ethernet/IP Suite in LTE RAN
Virtual LANs
Link Dimensioning
Node DimensioningGPS synchronization
NW sync over IP
Delay variation in the backhaul

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