Duration: 2 days

Course Description:

With the rapid growth of broadband wireless networks, the demand for spectrum is only expected to grow. The RF Spectrum (3 kHz – 300 GHz) is a scarce resource and needs to be judiciously administered and regulated in the interest of equity and fair play in the telecom market-place. The purpose of Spectrum Management is to promote an efficient use of this scarce resource and promote a net social benefit. The course provides participants with an understanding of current RF spectrum management practices encompassing spectrum management policies, spectrum engineering, spectrum economics, spectrum operations, spectrum monitoring and enforcement.


Who will Benefit:

Telecom Managers, Engineers, Regulators and all those involved in crafting RF spectrum management policies and issues.


A general understanding of telecommunications is required or have attended the Telecom Crash Course.

Technical Level:


Mode of Delivery:

Instructor led classes, demonstrations, videos and discussions.

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