Eliminating Churn, Empowering Customer Care

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
This course will help participants to build on the basic concepts of customer care and show exactly how to maintain customer loyalty, while understanding their own network architecture, technical shortcomings, technological edge with some new ideas that really work! It will also feature the often forgotten customer the internal customer and the corresponding relationships of interaction and communication of customer care to the respective departments and cor- responding relationships.

Who would benefit:
All professionals from the telecom industry

The importance of continuously building excellent telecom customer service skills
Positive language-positive language vs. negative, hesitant or aggressive
Setting customer service standards
Understanding the importance of the ‘lifetime value of a customer’
Techniques and strategies to handle customer complaints
Being assertive without being aggressive

Customer Service Excellence

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
Happy customers are much easier to deal with than irate customers. This course is designed for professionals who want to make a significant contribution to their company’s image and make their own lives easier. It will provide the skills to energize personnel, impress customers, enhance image, improve positive word-of-mouth, and increase repeat business.

Who would benefit:
All personnel dealing with customers

The customer service mindset
What is proactive customer service
Achieving customer service excellence vs. just meeting responsibilities
Professional telephone techniques

Difficult Customers, Complaint Handling and Solving Problems

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
A concentrated awareness of the customer’s expectations, brought about by use of highly developed communication skills, will lead to a more profitable relationship, satisfactory to both company and client. It is common to have customers that are difficult to handle and have complaints. To be able to deal with these scenarios in a professional manner, to have a satisfied customer is a skill in itself.

Who would benefit:
Personal working in sales, customer service, help desk and anyone who interacts with customers on a regular basis

Why customers get angry
Causes of complaints and anger
Identifying the problems and real Issues
Managing customer expectations
Handling difficult customers professionally
Benefits of a professional approach to difficult customers
Dos and don’ts

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