Conflict Resolution for Telecom Rollout and Operations

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
In this fast-paced, stressful age, few workplaces are free of conflict, and sooner or later, it takes a tollphysically, emotionally and financially. In this course participants will learn what a conflict is, how does one actually handle it, preventive measures to keep it from occurring and steps to resolve it once it has materialized.

Who would benefit:
Professionals from all disciplines of the telecom industry

Definitions and assumptions about conflict
Conflict is normal: Anticipating conflicts likely to arise in the workplace
Conflict types and their conse- quences
Discuss the causes and value of conflict
List characteristics of conflict resolution styles
Identify most effective resolution mindset

Proposal Writing

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
A good proposal doesn’t just outline what product or service is created or delivered. It does so in such a way that the reader feels it is the only logical choice. This course will take participants through each step of the proposal writing process, from understanding why they are writing a proposal; to gathering information; to writing and proofreading.

Who would benefit:
Professionals responsible for producing reports, proposals and are involved in the tender process

Understanding proposals
Beginning the proposal writing process
Preparing an outline
Finding facts
Writing the proposal
Checking for readability
Proof reading & editing

The Professional Executive Secretary, PA & Administrator

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
The supportive role one plays for (sometimes) numerous managers and personnel is vital for keeping the department running smoothly and communicating the organization’s image to its external clients. This course will train participants to be proactive and effient and to project a professional image for the organization, which will create lasting, excellent fist impressions.

Who would benefit:
Secretaries, receptionists, administrative supportpersonnel and management assistants

Personal appearance and behaviour
Interpersonal and people management skills
Customer service
Time Management and diarizing
Offi Duties
How to implement systems
Effctive fiing methods and record keeping

The Professional Receptionist – The Face of Your Organization

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
The receptionist. In just a few seconds this key person can make or break potential business with the caller or visitor. Since body language supposedly cannot be ‘seen’ over the phone, attitude and voice color the tone of the message the receptionist is conveying. Also when prospective clients visit they are automatically inflenced by the fist person they meet the receptionist; giving them a visual and auditory fist impression of the organization.

Who would benefit:
Receptionists, & other Admin support personnel

Creating a welcoming impression for the organization
Interpersonal and people management skills
Building rapport in 15 seconds
Managing calls smoothly from person to person
Listening actively
Maintaining composure & patience during trying times

Developing Effective Working Relationships

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
This course explores work relationships by the actions taken and the behaviors that are exhibited at work. No matter what the education, experience, job title, if it’s not possible to relate well with others, the work mission can never be accomplished.

Who would benefit:
Personnel from all sectors

Responding to a request from col leagues
Responding to requests and instructions from supervisors and higher management
Work ethics and its impact on performance
Positive/negative attitudes
Welcoming visitors

Effective Presentation Skills

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
Presentations can be one of the most nerve racking experiences but for those who master this critical capability it can be the platform to deliver an exciting and informative session and form part of a powerful communications strategy. Enhancing one’s performance in presenting from first impression to lasting impression.

Who would benefit:
Personnel from any discipline

Levels of presentations
Planning your presentation
Preparation for a presentation
Presentation structure
Developing and using visual aids
How to deliver your presentation: from body language to voice articu lation
Dealing with anxiety
Presentation tips