Advanced Communication – The Power of Assertiveness

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
This course delves through building rapport, practicing the reciprocity principle, dealing with different personality types & active listening; together with learning to be assertive to achieve a ‘win-win’ in challenging situations while acting as a role model for others.

Who would benefit:
Anyone who has a desire to improve their communication skills

Effective communication review
Characteristics of successful communication
Tools for success
Secrets to great communication:
The reciprocity principle
Communication intelligence o Business etiquette

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
This engaging course introduces the skills required for taking part in successful negotiations. It introduces a systematic approach to preparing and conducting negotiations at all levels through analysis of case studies, discussion of real life experience and by taking part in simulations to develop and implement appropriate skills for a professional deal.

Who would benefit:
Sales personnel of all levels

Skills of good negotiators
Why do we need negotiation skills?
Sharing risk-failure success- prosperity-vision
How other cultures negotiate
Case studies
The strategy of both-win.

Telephone Etiquette for Professionals

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
How one delivers the message is what the caller remembers not just the wording or content. In this course, attention to detail is a priority to enhance the skills of the person responsible for being the first contact over the telephone with prospective clients and the general public.

Who would benefit:
Receptionists, secretaries & Professionals from all sectors

Representing oneself
Refining the message you are sending over the phone
Helpful opening & closing phrases
Voice enhancement
Choosing the right language
How your message is perceived
Handling challenging callers
Keeping on track – steering the con versation

Utilizing NLP Techniques in the Workplace

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
This course explores work relationships by the actions taken and the behaviors that are exhibited at work. No matter what the education, experience, job title, if it’s not possible to relate well with others, the work mission can never be accomplished. Effective work relationships form the cornerstone for success and satisfac- tion with the job and career.

Who would benefit:
Anyone wishing to better their communication skills and will embrace the challenge to think outside the box

Neuro-linguistic overview
Personal and job-related beliefs
Re-setting beliefs about self
Capturing other people’s Interest
First impression – lasting results
Dealing with ‘concerns’ and other tricky situations
Advancing at work:
Setting meaningful goals
Balancing our work/personal lives
Feng shui for the mind & office

Public Speaking and Powerful Presentations

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
In any case an effective presentation means getting the message across in a powerful and persuasive manner. Failure to present well will mean a lack of impact and may jeopardise the message and ultimate success both, personally and of the business at hand.

Who would benefit:
Professionals from all disciplines

Public speaking – what the great speakers do the techniques
Confidence building for speaking to groups
The use of visioning
What to say and how to say it
Preparation, meeting audience needs, aims and objectives, preparing content and delivery notes; and finishing on time
Making speaking without notes

Perception Power & Positive Attitude

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
This personal development and communication course will sharpen leaders’ perception powers and positive thinking approaches. Challenging how we ‘see the world’ is the basis of this course resulting in life-changing outcomes.

Who would benefit:
Anyone who has a desire to improve their communication skills.

The power of perception
Unique concept of perception o The proof is in the perception: tricky views
Learning & thinking styles
Accentuating the positive:
The power of positive thinking from thought to reality
It’s your life! – the effect of positive or negative thinking
Strategizing your positive attitude for positive outcomes