Business Correspondence Memos, Emails & Letters

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
Writing for business is truly an art form if the reader is able to understand and act upon what is being communicated. This course will develop the participant’s business writing skills within the parameters of well researched communication theory.

Who would benefit:
Anyone who aims to improve their written correspondence skills

Draft clear concise professional cor respondence
Convey desired message while meeting needs of the reader
Avoid common errors and wordiness
Adapt style and format to meet the occasion
Refresh grammar, capitalization, writing points and punctuation

Report Writing Skills

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
An essential part of communication is being able to report on what you observed or researched while putting it into a practical readable format for the targeted audience to understand and act on. While going back to the core of written communication we take the participants through the report writing process from concept to presentation while keeping in mind the 5 Ways of good business writing.

Who would benefit:
Anyone who needs to write reports for work.

Choice of vocabulary/business terms
Common misuse or incorrect word usage
Eliminating wordiness
Sentence construction & paragraphing
Being objective & tone of writing
Analyzing & organizing data
Checking for the 5 Ws
Report writing types

Business Etiquette & Work Ethics

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
This course is designed for people who want to polish their skills and improve their professional image. Information is presented in a humorous, relaxed style that cuts to the heart of today’s eti- quette concerns. Hands-on activities will be used to reinforce learning points and represent diverse workplace cultures.

Who would benefit:
Professionals from any discipline or level.

Greeting, meeting and introducing people
Conversation techniques
Correspondence and technology etiquette
Mastering meetings
Behaviour during a crisis
Dealing with managers, colleagues and staff
Maintaining a professional image
Embrace cultural diversity and customs
Ethics in the workplace

Optimize Your Brain Power for Work and Life

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
The basis of this personal development course is to show techniques that connect us to our conscious and subconscious minds more easily; resulting in improved brain function, memory retention and retrieval while at the same time enriching our human potential.

Who would benefit:
Anyone who desires to maximize their potential by optimizing their brain power

Our brain: Neurological pathways
Wake up your brain – stretching activities
Using both sides of your brain
Expanding our horizons:
Creativity:maintaining a positive attitude

Develop Your Talents & Strengths for Career Success

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
In this course participants will aim to unearth their key talents that can turn into new strengths or enhance existing ones with the theory that anyone can work around their ‘weakness’ by playing to their strengths, while enriching their lives in interpersonal and professional relationships.

Who would benefit:
Professionals from any discipline or level.

Finding your strength
Putting into practice
Putting strengths to work for career enhancement
Enhancing people skills
Aligning strengths to personal values and code of conduct
Finding ones passion:

First Aid for All

Duration: 1 days
Course description:
Accidents can happen in the safest of places. Crisis such as heart failure, severe hemorrhaging, falling and electric shock are just a few of hundreds of possible situations that may arise in an emergency. Knowing what to do at that critical moment can mean life or death to the unknown victim. This course will provide participants with the knowledge and practical skills to deal with such situations in the most appropriate manner.

Who would benefit:
Personnel from any discipline

Circle of care principles
Scene safety and management
Initial assessment techniques
Airway management techniques
Control of bleeding
Foreign body airway obstruction
Serious illness
Common Injuries
Burn care (electrical, chemical, thermal)

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