Satellite Orbital and Launch Mechanics

Duration: 5 days
Course description:
This course addresses advanced satellite orbital and launch mechanics. It is technically oriented and includes mathematical equations. It will appeal to those whose objective it is to develop a qualitative understanding of space dynamics, orbital mechanics, satellite launch, constellation design, tracking and deployment.

Who would benefit:
Technical Staff involved in Satellite System Deployment and Maintenance

Satellite services overview
Orbital Mechanics
Coordinates and Time
Orbital Perturbations
Classification of Orbits
Satellite Constellations
Flight Mechanics
Satellite Launch

GPON Fundamentals

Duration: 1 day
Course description:
Services are provided from the core network to the customers through access network This course will provide the participants with the knowledge and understanding of the principles & concepts of Gigabit capable Passive Opti- cal Network (GPON) technology for implementation of FTTH Networks.

Who would benefit:
Engineering personnel involved in development, operation, maintenance, planning and implementation of FTTH Networks based on GPON Technology

Types of PON
Standardisation of GPON
GPON architecture
GPON communications methodology
Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA)
GPON Evolution

Advanced GPON

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
A vast majority of PON systems being deployed these days are based on GPON technology. PON systems continue to evolve to meet operator needs worldwide. This course gives an overview of the evolution of GPON technologies and provides a good understanding of their concepts of operation and potential for deployment.

Who would benefit:
Telecommunications professionals in- volved in design, development, opera- tion, maintenance, and strategy plan- ning of optical access networks

The need for FTTx
GPON Evolution
Advanced GPON attributes
Overlay GPON

GPON Service Provisioning

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
Increasing demand to provide GPON services to customers requires that the frontline customer sales person- nel have a greater understanding of the products being offered and more importantly how the service orders should be processed. This course has been developed to increase the competences of the sales personnel.

Who would benefit:
All personnel involving in GPON service provisioning, and sales & marketing personnel.

GPON network architecture
Basic terminologies
Sales and Order Handling (SOH)
SOH relation with other CBCM modules
GPON components
CBCM enhancement with iNRMS
SR Processing stages
GPON services
GPON process flow

Bit Streaming – Wholesales Access

Duration: 1 day
Course description:
Bit Stream Access (BSA) enables competitors to offer their own products and services to customers even if they do not operate the local loop (the lastmile).Bit Stream Access is, therefore, a wholesale product consisting of the access (typically GPON) and “backhaul” services of the IP backbone network. This course will create awareness in relation to local loop unbundling and bit stream access.

Who would benefit:
Sales, marketing and customer support personnel

Open access network
Local loop unbundling
Local loop unbundling scenarios
Open access network and GPON
Bit stream logical topology
Bit stream services BW requirements
Wholesale models such as fiber path unbundling & data path bit stream

GPON: Architecture and Protocols

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
GPON network offers greater interoperability with metrocore networks and it is specially designed to work with IP or ATM Protocol in the backhaul. When a service provider deploys such a network in the access, it is very important for its Engineers to understand how protocols converge at different layers of the OSI especially at the time critical services like voice & video are offered in the Telco network.

Who would benefit:
Engineering personnel involved in core & access network planning, solution architects, and operation and maintenance personnel.

GPON fundamentals
GPON service architecture
GPON protocol stack
Network convergence functions
GPON applications
GPON management network