Optical Fiber Network Testing and Maintenance

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
This course covers maintenance, troubleshooting and emergency restoration of a fiber optic network in an outside plant environment. It will also provide the safe and fast fault finding, restoration procedures and practices, and testing with minimum downtime.

Who would benefit:
Technicians involved in optical fiber work

Optical fiber networks overview
Safety on Optical Fibers
Tracing Cable routes
Testing and identifying faults
Testing network components
Emergency restoration methods

Optical Fiber Testing

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
It is essential that all field technicians including those specifically involved with C.P.E installation, have a firm understanding of optical fiber technology and implementation techniques. This course is designed to introduce participants to optical fiber installation and testing techniques. The participants will learn how to use different types of testing and measuring equipment to identify faults and to measure performance

Who would benefit:
Installation personnel and supervisors involved in optical fiber.

Principles of light as a transmission medium.
Optical fiber construction.
General safety when working with fiber optics.
Single and multi mode optical fiber.
Use of visible light sources in fault finding.
Measuring of optical power using a power meter.
Operating principles of the OTDR

LTE, LTE-A & VoLTE System Survey

Duration: 6 days
Course description:
The first part of this course covers the key technological enhancements of LTE, business and market considerations and drivers, with an emphasis on the ‘nuts’ and ‘bolts’ of LTE air interface, framing and channels, QoS, and signaling scenarios. The second part of this course focusses on LTE-Advanced, covering advanced topics

Who would benefit:
Engineering professionals involved in the planning, deployment, O&M of LTE radio access network, backhaul and the core networks

LTE Network Architecture
Enhanced Air Interface
Multiple Antenna Techniques
LTE- A Air Interface Features
Release 11 and Beyond
Voice over LTE (VOLTE)
Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC)

ONU Installation Quality Standards (FTTH)

Duration: 3 days
Course description:
This program is an essential primer for anyone migrating from copper technology to the latest fiber based access services and equipment. It will introduce the customer premise equipment (C.P.E.) installers to the latest standards and methods required to effectively install and commission the latest optical network terminals (ONT) on customer premises.

Who would benefit:
FTTH network supervisors, installers and maintenance technicians

FTTH overview
The FTTH network
Health & Safety
Installation Standards and procedures
Fiber Optic basics
Customer Premises installation
Equipment Installation

4G LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) Network

Duration: 2 days
Course description:
This course provides a detailed analysis of the architecture, interfaces, protocols, QoS, deployment and dimensioning of EPC. The overall requirements of the LTE/SAE proposal are examined, and participants will be able to dimension for the required number of MMEs, SGWs, PGWs, HSS and PCRF for EPC.

Who would benefit:
Engineering professionals involved in the Planning, Deployment, Optimization, Operations & Maintenance of LTE Evolved Packet Core Networks.

3GPP releases
Evolved Packet Core (EPC) Architecture
Mobility and Bearer Management
EPS Services
Traffic Modeling
EPC dimensioning methodology
EPC key dimensioning parameters and EPC dimensioning principles

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