Durations: 5 days
Course Description:
Planning WCDMA based networks require enhanced skill sets and techniques compared to those required for GSM networks. Planners need to have a thorough knowledge of the WCDMA air interface, cell loading, interference scenarios, cell breathing, and effect of soft handoff, link budgeting on uplink and downlink, prediction models for macro, micro and pico cells. The UMTS RF design course offers participants a rigorous technical know-how of the above aspects as well as BSS planning, scrambling code planning, channel element dimensioning, co-siting considerations, as well as a greenfield network dimensioning, which includes both coverage, capacity planning and channel element dimensioning. This course offers participants a demonstration of WCDMA planning aspects with the help of a UMTS planning tool.


Who will Benefit: Technical personnel responsible for UMTS network design, optimization, implementation, cell planning, operations and maintenance.

Prerequisites: Should have attended 3G Fundamentals course or have a good understanding of WCDMA concepts

Technical Level:


Mode of Delivery: Instructor led classes, multi-media simulations, tutorial exercises, coverage predications using RF planning tool

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